How it works

Zero costs.

Unlimited opportunities.

Three steps for your success

Insert your own listing / or search within listings in our database.

Your email will never be published on a website. On your inserted email we will send you just a notification or contact data of other interested candidates. In case you will tick the “verification” of listing, we will publish the domain from which was the listing confirmed (e.g., but we never published the whole email address.

Let's communicate! You will be contacted by interested candidates / or reply to some listing which is already existing in our database.

In case that there will be a reaction to some listing, the owner of that listing will be noticed by the email incl. inserted contact information, so he can write an email or call the interested candidate directly. These contact data are just at private emails, never been published on website.
Start a discussion with the second party. Find out whether you want to do a business together. We recommend not only using emails, but also online video meetings at least to discuss every needed detail of the deal. If you would find a common speech, you will settle next meetings to prepare a deal agreement.

Reach an agreement and start cooperation with your new partner!

Deal done! Start the cooperation

See our examples of listings for different fields of cooperation:

How to insert new listing

You can insert your own listing to our database, or search listings which are already existing in our database.

We have prepared advanced filters for effective sorting and searching. Whatever type of business and needed B2B cooperation will suit our filters.

We have main six “Field of cooperation” - what does it mean? Your company is doing a lot of pretty different activities - so here you will choose the field (type of business activity) in which you need to find your business partner to start a cooperation.

In the next step after setting the Field of cooperation you will choose which party you are - demand or offer in this issue?

What is your Field of cooperation and party?

supplies & production factors

material supplies and components

offer (we have production factors to be for sell / lease)

demand(we need to buy / lease production factors to produce our products/services)

HR (workforce)

offer (we have HR production factors to be for sell / lease)

demand(we need to buy / lease HR production factors to produce our products/services)


offer (we are able to provide services)

demand(we need to get services)

production / manufactory

offer (we have production capacity / knowhow and can help with the production)

demand(we have product and looking for manufacturer partner)


offer (we are distributor and want to import/export your products)

demand(we are product owners and looking for a distributor, which could assure import/export to new markets)

company buy / sell

offer (we want to sell company)

demand(we want to buy company)

company management & strategic advisor

offer (we are managers / advisors and want to help some company)

demand(we have company and looking for manager / advisor to help us)

Research and development

offer (we are able to help with Research and development of some products)

demand(we have our own Research and development product and looking for a partner to help us with Research and development)

Why to put your listing now

  • free indeed - no hidden fees, everything is for free
  • easy to use - we focus on your comfort
  • various filters - set them to define what exactly you are looking for your business
  • privacy
    • just leave empty fields at your listing if you want to keep it secret
    • your email is never visible for public
    • in case you would react to some listing, your email is sent in single email just to the owner of that listing